Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Pharaoh's Gold might have just 3 reels but for a game with such a modest set-up, the background imagery is undoubtedly impressive, to say the least. The reels and the paytable are all contained within the same, single main screen that the game offers. The background imagery surrounding the reels depicts the Pyramids, a couple of lush palms, the sandy, almost snow-white ground, and a strangely excited camel. Behind them all, the Great Pyramids stand tall against the cloudless blue sky.

Enjoy the Game's Straightforward 3 by 3 Grid

The reels' background offers a view of the Pyramids and the sky alone. The available coin sizes are 5, 25, and 50 cents, as well as 1 and 5 dollars. The game has 3 reels and 3 paylines so its set-up is not exactly "classic". The game's maximum possible bet is 15 dollars. The winning combinations have payouts for 2 cases - the first one is for the case when the first and second line are active and the second one is for the case when the third line is active. Additionally, up to 3 coins can be placed in a bet.

Pharaoh's Paytable

The paytable features three symbols that can deliver payouts and 4 winning combinations. Additionally, there is a wild symbol - the eye of Horus, which is capable of replacing the rest of the symbols in the game but doesn't offer payouts and combinations of its own. The lowest paying symbol in the game is the green Cobra. The two Cobras combination awards 2 credits in both payline cases.

Next up is the triple green Cobra combination also offers the exact same payouts for paylines 1 and 2 and all 3 paylines. The red Scarab also has its own triple combination and delivers 25 credits for each of the two cases. The highest paying symbol of the game is the Pharaoh itself. Three of it is the game's best-paying combination. For the case of Line 1 and 2, the combination provides players with 50 credits and for Line 3 it grants 100 credits.

Take Advantage of the Pharaoh's Generosity

The biggest possible payout, which a spin can deliver is 500 dollars. The game is available in many casinos, which are accessible to US players and are powered by Real Time Gaming. Overall, it is a satisfying 3-reel slot with a refreshingly low number of symbols giving prizes that can satisfy both players who prefer to take fewer risks and ones that would rather go for a greater level of risk.