Lady Luxor Slots

Microgaming’s Lady Luxor is one of the most original 3-reel slots an online player can come across. Its main screen is overwhelming, to say the least, featuring so many details that it is impossible to list them all. The adventurous, glamorous, gilded aura of Ancient Egypt is all over this game’s visual design. Pharaohs in ornamented clothing, queens taking bubble baths, servants playing the flute, lavish carpets, tall columns, and green palm trees are all over the place.

Main Options and Rewarding Set-Up

This slot is being played on two separate screens – the one containing the reels and another one, which is part of the game’s bonus features, which involves a more simplistic landscape of the dunes and the great pyramids and a mummy coming out of her sarcophagus. The main options that players can deal with are also different. Those are Restart Chance, Nudge Repeat, Gamble Nudge, Nudge Now, Nudge Bank Help, and Lose. Lady Luxor involves three reels and one pay line. The available coin sizes are 10, 20, 25, 50 cents, 1, 2, 5, and 10 dollars, and since only a single coin per pay line can be placed as a wager, these are also the possible total bet options. This is the 3-reel slots with probably the highest number of bonus features out of all games with a classic set-up. The game features different options and winning combinations that don’t just pay but also activate bonus games.

A Paytable with Decent Payouts

The game’s paytable features nine symbols, and all of them have a single winning combination – 3 matching symbols. The cherries offer one time the bet; the Ankhs bring two times the bet; the lemons – 4 times the bet, the oranges – 8 times; the camels – 10 times the bet; the winged necklaces – 20 times the bet; the Pyramids with the Sun behind them – 40 times the bet; the archeologists – 80 times the bet and the best-paying symbol of the game is Cleopatra: her triple winning combination is 500 times the bet.

A Stunning Number of Beneficial Bonus Features

The Lady Luxor game will begin when the player acquired three Mummy heads. The new bonus screen will then pop out, and it will feature a board game-like path with various positions. Clicking the Spin button will set the character off on his journey. Every time the player presses Spin and the character starts moving, there is a chance that the Mummy catches him. If he isn’t captured, he will land in a position and award the respective prize. These rewards include multipliers, nudges, and win spins. Nudges are randomly awarded to players and will give players the chance to descend a single reel to collect more prizes. Holds allow players to freeze between 1 and 3 reels, increasing their chances of forming winning combinations. There is also a Shifta feature, which will activate after a losing spin, and it will rearrange the reel positions so that a winning combination gets formed. The Let’em Spin message will occasionally pop out on the news board located right above the reels – this is a hint to the players that they should spin the reels and not use any option to alter the outcome. Lady Luxor is one of the best classic slots. Not only does the game have a detailed, entertaining, well-developed appearance, which brings the adventurous world of Ancient Egypt to life, but it also features exciting gameplay with many profitable symbols and a massive number of bonus features – a rare sight for a game with a classic set-up.