The Asp of Cleopatra Slots

The Asp of Cleopatra offers players a very authentic background image of a massive temple. What is mostly visible around the Red Rake Gaming title's reels are the heavily decorated columns, the sun-drenched walls, and just a few centimeters of the clear blue sky. Those elements, coupled with the insane level of detail, which is visible on the surface of the stone building as it is on the special free spins meter, are more than sufficient to create an imposing sense of scale, which is vital for the accurate depiction of Ancient Egypt. The reels and the symbols’ appearance are equally impressive, just like the fact that all the symbols are tied to the game's famous theme.

Cleopatra Offers a Comfortable Set Up with Many Pleasant Surprises

Winning combinations will occur across five reels, three rows, and 25 pay lines. The total bet can vary from 0.25 credits to 200. The paytable of the game features a sufficient number of well-paying symbols. The wild offers much more than a mere substitution effect. The free spins have an added re-spins feature, which will generate additional earnings. Last but not least, there is a unique Mini Wheel game that will further contribute to the numbers in players’ balances.

Cleopatra’s Paytable Is Full of Precious Objects

The paytable contains eight symbols, and all of them have three winning combinations – 3, 4, and 5 matching symbols. The first symbol is the Cobra, and its payouts are 200, 480, and 1600 credits. The Ankh awards 160, 400, and 1440 credits. The winged Scarab grants 120, 320, and 1280 credits. The black cat’s prizes are equal to 80, 240, and 1120 credits. The Great Sphynx provides players with 64, 200, and 960 credits. Horus’ Eye delivers 48, 160, and 800 credits. The unrolled parchment’s rewards are 32, 120, and 640 credits. The lowest paying symbol of the bunch is the teal-gold cup paying 16, 80, and 480 credits.

Profit from Cleopatra’s Wild Powers

The wild of the game is Cleopatra, and it happens to be the game’s highest paying symbol. It is also the only symbol with four winning combinations – 2, 3, 4, and 5 matching symbols. The wild’s payouts are 40, 160, 1200, and 4800 credits. As a wild, Cleopatra is capable of replacing the other characters in the game (except for the bonus symbol) to complete winning combinations and deliver additional payouts. Whenever the wild creates a winning combination through the replacement effect, all the participating symbols will disappear. In place of the missing symbols, new ones will land, and new earnings will be calculated. The same effect will work during free spins as well.

Benefit More and More Through Re-Spins and Free Spins

When the player successfully gets four re-spins one after the other (meaning that the new symbols filling the missing spots of the last combination’s triggering ones create a new combination four times in a row), the free spins feature of the game will start. There is a free spin meter to the left of the reels, and it will indicate just how many free spins will be involved in the currently activated feature. Up to 1000 free spins can be collected following one activation of the bonus round.

Horus and Anubis’ Bonus Round is the Cherry on Top of the Cake

The main bonus game can be activated through the bonus symbol, which features both Horus and Anubis side by side. This bonus symbol’s triple combination will start the Wheel of Gods Minigame. Players will then be presented with a wheel. For it to be spun, players will have to pick between the two gods. The wheel features streaks of two colors – red and teal. The teal belongs to Anubis, while the red is connected to Horus. Each streak has a multiplier prize attached to it. The process is quite simple. First, the player chooses his or her color (God), and then the reels are spun. If the wheel stops on the selected color, the multiplier gets applied to the initial bet, and the player will continue to spin the wheel. The eventual wheel prizes may reach 100 times the initial bet. If the wrong color is chosen, the multiplier will be applied, and the bonus will end. The possible multiplier prizes are two times, four times, eight times, 20 times, and 50 times. The Asp of Cleopatra is a terrific game with a theme based on the beloved Egyptian queen that is visually striking and immensely profitable, not just through its paytable payouts, wild symbol, and free spins round but mainly because of the hugely advantageous wheel feature.